Allow Yourself To Dream Again!

I think a lot you know.  Actually as a child I was a thinker, a dreamer, well an artist to be exact. Artists see things differently than other people do, difficult to describe … almost as if we see all things intertwined and how it connects together, and how that connection flows into the universe. And then eventually all of it comes full-circle.  As a child I remember sitting with my Mother in the bathroom while she put her makeup on and saying on more than one occasion “If I ever get Breast Cancer I would cut off my boobs, because I would want to live life Mama” I meant it.  And it did, I got Breast Cancer and cut off my boobs, now I’m trying to live my life and I say that with humor.  I knew as a little girl that I would get Breast Cancer, because how do you explain a 7 year old bantering to her mother about Breast Cancer at such an early age?  Breast Cancer is definitely my worst dream come true, a nightmare within a nightmare to be exact.  Moving forward in your life’s purpose ladies is essential, doesn’t matter the stage of your cancer all of our lives are of great importance, we all still have work to do here.  I encourage you wherever you are in your nightmare to take a moment to allow yourself to dream again.  Now’s the time to do all of the things you’ve always wanted to do … and most importantly make beautiful memories with your  loved ones … I’d rather have fewer moments of greatness with my loved ones that will stay with me forever in my heart than tons of meaningless time wasted with people that could care less about life and it’s true meaning.  Utilize your privilege of dreaming starting today and make all your dreams come true.

Mia Spano-Curtiss

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